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Welcome Back to Kathleen's Closet

Hello friends! It's been quite a while since I have sat down and written a blog post, created a YouTube video or worked on any sort of medium that once provided me with so much inspiration. I started Kathleen's Closet years ago as a way to express myself in the ways that words could not. I was quite shy, but I had a passionate creativity that could not be hidden.

My blog gave me so many opportunities. I once hosted a fashion show event in which I dressed and gave hope to 5 amazing guests of our local women's shelter. I met some of my best friends on the internet, and was even a bridesmaid in one's wedding this past year. I gained confidence, inspiration and a sense of community simply by sharing my interests with the world around me. It was incredibly rewarding, but this passion was lost within the last few years.

Anyone who is close to me knows that 2018 has been the most difficult yet invigorating year for me. At the beginning of the year, I left a job that made me absolutely miserable and began a job I could have only hoped for. I started in marketing for an international footwear company, and felt such a sense of belonging immediately upon starting. I was valued, had the ability to travel and worked in the industry I had always been working towards. This job gave me a sense of fulfillment, and opened my eyes to the areas in my life that no longer brought me joy.

I was in a 4 and a half year relationship that ended earlier this year. People my age are getting married, having children and buying homes... and I could never understand why these ideas didn't appeal to me. I value experiences, ideas and personal interactions more than nice things, and our core values just never quite aligned. I made the most difficult choice to take a leap of faith in myself. I wanted to create a life I could be fulfilled by, and I knew the only person that could make that happen was myself. I stalked craigslist like a mad woman until I found my future home in a tiny little studio in Downtown Sacramento. It was nothing fancy, but it was something I could say was all mine.

I packed up my belongings and every comfort I had ever known and started my new life in the city. The transition was a little tough at first. I have never lived completely alone before but I sought comfort with my 2 little fur babies, Lou and Daisy. Downtown living is much different than the suburbs, and my 2 parking tickets were proof of that. Even through all of the growing pains, it is an incredible feeling having somewhere that is all mine (and I made sure to deck it out in pink).

My goal for this year has been to do whatever it takes to find a way to bring myself joy. I'm learning to say no, forcing myself to try new things and most importantly, learning to always put myself first. I was always so creatively fulfilled when I had my blog and channel, so I am choosing to bring it back!

Welcome back to Kathleen's Closet. My collection of thoughts, creative ideas, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between. While I am never going to stop sharing my love of fashion and girly things, this time around I hope to share my life a little more in depth. Thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy!

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