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Favorite Spots in Sacramento

Growing up in Sacramento, all I wanted to do was get out of this town. As an angsty teenager, this suburbia where everyone knows everyone was just not my jam. It wasn't until moving Downtown this past year that I gained a new appreciation for my hometown.

There is always something to do in this little city. Whether I am checking out a new restaurant, running into friends at the local coffee shops or spending way too much money at one of the incredible vintage shops, I never fail to be endlessly entertained by this place. Even though I am really not that cool, I like to think that this past year has exposed me to some awesome spots in Sacramento. Today I am sharing my most visit-worthy places in Sacramento for you to check out!

Coffee Shops:

The Trade

They make a mean mint mocha at this local shop. Only a block away from everyone's favorite coffee shop, Temple, this hidden treasure stole my heart (I love to root for the underdog). With a sweet staff and and local art plastering the walls, I'll choose The Trade every time. Plus, they hosted a Gilmore Girls event a few years ago and I am still smitten over that.

Ambrosia Cafe

I know midtown is cool, but Downtown has a few charming spots that should not be ignored. My favorite of which is Ambrosia Cafe on K Street. Tucked around the corner from the California State Capitol, this shop offers pastries, bagels and of course... coffee!

Insight Coffee Roasters

Any late night cram sessions? You're going to want some coffee from Insight as it's pretty much the strongest cup in all of Sacramento. Mixed with mellow vibes in the shop itself, this is a perfect study spot.

Old Soul Co.

Hidden away in an alley off L street, this shop is one of my favorites. You only truly know about this place if you're local to the area. It has a bit of an industrial feel, but the oversized wooden tables and subtle greenery warm this spot up. I come to Old Soul when I am craving a quiet spot to let me creativity flow.


Freestyle Clothing

I have always been a fan of resale boutiques, and Freestyle Clothing Exchange is the best in Sacramento. I'd say the majority of my clothing is from Freestyle. With the endless variety of affordable designer styles and their awesome trade program, I can constantly rotate my wardrobe with the latest trends.

Prevues Peekaboo Lounge

This place is so underrated around Sacramento but I adore it. First off, the building is pink... so win. Inside the building holds a treasure trove of vintage finds. This spot is a little more pricey, but the incredible pieces that you find here makes it so well worth the splurge. (My vintage maxi skirt was found here!)


Whenever I need a gag gift or simply just a little something to make me smile, I love to visit Evangeline's in Old Sacramento. This is definitely more of a touristy spot, but locals know this place best for having the most epic selection of Halloween costumes. It's always a fun spot to visit and there is something new every time.


One of my favorite thrift stores in Sacramento is True WEAVE. They always have incredible brands at discounted prices. Proceeds from this store go to Women Escaping a Violent Environment. They also have the best sale, I feel like everything is always half off when I go in!

SPCA Adoptable Goods

My other favorite thrift store.... because DOGS. They have this sweet golden retriever that greets everyone who walks in. Apart from that, they always have awesome vintage finds and I even once found a brand new pink Kitchen Aid for $75 bucks.... STEAL!

Mixed Bag

I randomly stumbled upon this spot over this holiday season and ended up purchasing over half of my gifts from there. It's definitely an older demographic, but if you have an appreciation for trinkets and you're a grandma at heart like me, it's worth a visit!

Shop YSJ

One of the best vintage spots in Sac! Previously in Downtown, they just recently moved closer to all of the midtown action. They have an awesome selection of pieces from every decade. Seriously, their vintage gowns from the 1920's-50's are drool-worthy.

Article Consignment

This is the best resale boutique for high end purchases. They have an awesome collection of designer pieces at a fraction of the price. Run by the sweetest couple ever, you can tell they pour their heart and soul into hand selecting each piece that goes into their store.


Beast & Bounty

The hot new spot in Sac, and the food is just as good as the atmosphere. With millennial pink napkins, gold silverware and greenery coating the walls, this place is an IG gals paradise. The concept behind this restaurant is offering a vast variety of options for both vegans and meat-lovers, and I will tell you that their bone marrow is worth a taste!


If you're in Downtown and you're feeling a bit boogie, I would suggest hitting up the Grange. With fresh ingredients, ever meal here is cooked to perfection. The gorgeous ambiance is worth noting as well. Definitely a spot to take someone you are trying to impress.

Cafe Bernardo

I am a bitch who loves to brunch.... and Cafe Bernardo is my absolute favorite. It's nothing fancy, but that's why I love it! They have a nice outdoor patio and the best Eggs Benedict in all of Sacramento.


I have so much love for Chandos. Although the restaurant in Downtown is nice, I would recommend going 5 minutes out of your way and into the rough side of town. Next to the Arden Mall is a little shack with a line out the door all the time. It's dinky but they have the most incredible and authentic street tacos that you will find.

Uncle Vitos

Oh you know I had to mention my favorite midnight drunk food. This place is always packed after midnight and for a good reason. With slices as big as your head, this is the best pizza joint in Sacramento.

Night Out:


It's always a chill night at Kupros. This old Victorian home turned bar is super mellow. I would suggest trying the beer roulette, $4 for a random beer of their choice.

Press Club

Down the road is Press Club, the complete opposite of Kupros. I always say, Press is where you end the night, not where you begin it. With a wild dance floor and the feel of a dive bar, you can let your ratchet self out here.

Low Brau

One of the most popular bars in Sacramento for good reason. It brings a good crowd of people who like to have fun but not too rowdy. This plays shines on Mondays, because they host Motown Mondays which are so much fun!

Flamingo House

This place is definitely best in the summertime but I adore it because it is located in an all-pink tropical themed home! The drinks are just as amazing as the pink outdoor dance floor.

Golden Road Brewery

Again, this is best in the Summertime. It's an outdoor brewery with plenty of lawn games for you to play. It's worth a day of day-drinking.

Jungle Bird

This place is kind of hidden in plain sight. If you had never been to this bar, you would have no idea it was there. You walk in this industrial building into a tropical paradise. I will warn you of their "4 Hour Tour" which is a golden swan filled to the brim with jungle juice.... proceed with caution, it's strong!

The Bank

New to Downtown is one of my personal favorite places, The Bank. This old Bank from the 1900's was converted into a 3 story bar. The bottom floor is a Beer tap room, the middle is a bar and the top floor is a high end cocktail lounge. The Bank has gorgeous architecture and the most amazing Old Fashioned.


Sacramento Antique Faire

Set up under an overpass on the second Sunday of every month is the Sacramento Antique Faire. If you're a vintage junky like myself, this place has everything! I always leave with a unique treasure and it's the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Midtown Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning midtown hosts an adorable little farmers market. It's a great spot to get local produce and yummy treats in the farm to fork capitol.

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