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How to be your own Valentine ♡

*Disclaimer* This is in no way a couple shaming or anti-valentine's day blog post. I actually adore Valentine's Day. Even though we all know it is a total greeting card holiday, it's also a little reminder to show love to the people you care about most and what could be so wrong with that? While I love the idea of sharing this special day with someone you admire, I also believe that love and relationships just can't be forced. This holiday has a pressure-filled stigma surrounding it, and it just shouldn't feel that way. This is my first single Valentine's Day in 5 years, and I am very content with that fact. I have learned in the last year to be completely happy within my own presence, and part of that is knowing when to care for yourself. This Valentine's Day lets forget about over-the-top gestures of affection and take a moment to nurture your relationship with yourself. Here's a few ways to become your own valentine this year!

Treat yo Self

It can be something big or small, but it's so important to splurge on yourself every once in a while. Go out and buy a new top or get yourself a pedicure, something you really don't "need" but know it would make you happy. Any of these small little splurges will give you just a little sense of excitement. It's so silly, but I always feel super confident after a pedicure (even in the winter when you can't even see my feet haha).

Indulge a Little

Being healthy is so important, but life is all about balance. Indulge in your favorite treat, whether it be savory or sweet. I personally am a sucker for hot cheetohs! Here is the most important part... do this with NO GUILT!

Try something you've never done before

Have you been curious about trying out a yoga class or joining in on a local meet up group? Just do it! A few weeks ago I tried kickboxing and it was absolutely liberating. You gain a new sense of confidence every time you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Write yourself a love note

It's nice to hear nice things, so send yourself a little bit of love! Write a letter to yourself sharing all of the positive things that you enjoy about little ol' you. Hold onto this note and read it whenever your start to feel uneasy. Be your own biggest cheerleader.

Date yourself

I have a little ritual almost every single Sunday. I drive over to my favorite local coffee joint, The Trade and grab a mint mocha. Then I take a stroll about 3 blocks down to Noah's Bagels and treat myself to an asiago bagel with onion and chive smear. I sit outside, people watch and sip on my coffee for a brief period of time. I look forward to this little date with myself every week. Find your perfect solo date spot and use this little moment to check in with yourself.

Love your self-ie

Everyone enjoys seeing and sharing a good photo of themselves! It's a little bit of a confidence booster in our socially connected world. Have a friend snap a few new photos of yourself for your IG. It doesn't have to be fancy! Hell, most of my images are shot on my iPhone! The people that follow you want to see your smiling face, so share it ;)

Check in with your aspirations

In the words of the infamous Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I find that sometimes I get so caught up with the day to day that I forget to make little steps towards my ultimate goals. Take a moment to remind yourself of the dream you have for your life and put small steps in place to further push you towards that goal. You are worth so much, always strive for more.

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